My vessels are a meditation, a representation of time.

A personal journey, a drama unfolding.

A conversation, a dance, a play.

 Timeless and mysterious.

My work always begins life on the potters wheel, throwing many cylindrical forms, capturing the energy of the process in the surface. This also gives resonance to the clay when touched, each piece it's own voice.

The cylinders are torn and flattened into slabs before being used to build the forms.

Slips and oxides are applied in layers to the vessels giving them their timeless stone like appearance. All work is fired to1260 degrees celsius before finally being polished with carbide paper making each piece beautifully smooth and tactile.  

Recent works are inspired by architecture and traditional ceramic objects from around the world. 


Designed and made to be used and enjoyed.

Anagama work

I've been involved with a number of wood fired kiln projects over the years and have learned much about the building and firing anagama. 

 It is my intention to continue this research and  build an angama style kiln here in Catalonia.

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dameon lynn