Thailand 2020


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We fired work in 'Harmony' kiln, at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. It was great to work with students and other artists, making pots to be added to the University ceramics collection.

China 2019


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International market in Jingdezhen, China.

We designed and made the work in our studio to fit into our suitcases.

Turkey 2017


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11th International Ceramics Symposium, Eskisehir, Turkey. We built a large scale wall sculpture based on the local river system which ran through the City. This was made from local clay, throwing many cylinders which were joined in sections.

ICF 2017


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I returned to the ICF in 2017 to assist Japanese artist and experimental kiln builder Chisato Kuroki. Whilst there I also helped out on a large scale ceramic fibre kiln project with American kiln builder Fred Olson. 

GoGo Gamma 2015


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I met Lawrence Barrow in Wales at the ICF, he had arranged with Gas Kimishima to build an anagama at his family home in the Cotswolds in Wiltshire. 

ICF 2015


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Assistant to Gas Kimishima building a Shigaraki style anagama based on a design by Gas's teacher Furutani Michio.

The kiln was built as part of the program for the 2015 International Ceramic Festival in Aberystwyth, Wales. 

Woodfire workshop 2013


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Wood fire workshop in Devon run by Nic Collins.

This was a four day firing in Nic's large ground hog style kiln. 

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